Farm description

Mountain View Meadows Farm is a tiny farm founded in 1997.   At that time we were a young couple with three little children.  We had a dream of  having a couple horses, some farm animals and a rural lifestyle for our children.  Both of us had come from rural upbringings and desired the same for our children.  We have gone from three small children to six children to being the parents of adults and teens.  We have always had a love for good food and the farm came from the desire to provide a little bit of the goodness we enjoy, to others.  We raise dairy goats, have a flock of free ranged hens and try to raise as many vegetables as our challenging climate at 7300' will allow.  It's been a labor of love and learning these past 17 years and our animals are as much pets as well as food providers.  We strive to give our animals a natural life with plenty of fresh air and freedom to free range.  We do not want to eat GMO food so we don't feed it to our animals either.  We feed organic feed with no GMO grains, no soy, and no corn.  For more information and how to join our share program email us here or call/text 303-961-1946.